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The Perfect Swim Spas Cover Solutions from JNJ Spas

Swim spas covers as the important parts of heat preservation system always used by end users. But the heavy may be the biggest issue for the ladies and children when they want to use the swim spas. JNJ Spas provide 7 kinds of Swim Spas Cover Solutions for all kinds needs of end users.

Swim Spas Cover as safety device, the automatic cover completely seals and prevents unplanned access to your Swim Spas. And while there’s no substitute for proper supervision, your Swim Spas can be protected even when you’re not around. It’s the ultimate safety barrier every Swim Spas owner should have.

Keep dirt and debris out of the Swim Spas while reducing operational costs and wear-and-tear on your Swim Spas filtration systems. Cut down on your Swim Spas maintenance by simply keeping your Swim Spas covered. This multitasking Swim Spas cover is all you need to extend your swimming season and protect your Swim Spas year-round.

By reducing evaporation, your Swim Spas cover conserves water and reduces the use of chemicals, saving you up to 70% on operating costs. With the heat kept in, and dirt and debris kept out, your Swim Spas equipment will also last much longer. Our Swim Spas covers not only keep your Swim Spas cleaner, they reduce maintenance costs.
An uncovered 16 x 36 foot pool can lose as much as 180 gallons of water a week to evaporation, taking expensive chemicals with it. Our Swim Spas covers help conserve hundreds of millions of gallons of Swim Spas water each year, preserving the planet’s most precious resource while saving you money.



Swim spa is a great product, offer us to swim at any day, even in extremely cold winter since it have a heavy insulated cover to keep the heated water at the temperature we want. In order to keep the warm water insulated well from cold weather, the swim spa cover need to be at 10-15cm thick. But thick swim spa cover is too heavy for one person to remove, specially it absorbing with water steam. So, people love to do endless swimming exercise in a swim spa, open or remove the swim spa cover is a hard job for every one. Today J&J swim spa presents an automatic cover system for any size swim spa, you just need to press on a remove control, the swim spa cover will move away automatically. The automatic cover is made with R10 insulation, just a floor, firm enough to support heavy. We can decorate it with grass floor, put a table with chairs on it, you may notice the swim spa while you do not open to enjoy swimming, it just a nice land in your garden.


One person move heavy swim spa cover is not a fantasy any more once you own Auto-move cover, it can match with built-in swim spa perfectly, easy to operate, save space, and, space above auto-move cover even can be utilized to create such as recreation area or part of grass lawn.

The automatic thermal cover is a revolutionary innovation both in practical and designer terms.   Have you seen AUTOMATIC spa cover lifts? JNJSPAS that do all the work for you! Fits with nearly any size spa cover, lifting even the fit size in 6 meters swim spa cover off the spa in a short time. The system can rollover the cover itself without user`s help. When the cover on the spa,it is hard enough that the user can stand on it, because we use new material for the cover.
How dose it work?The lift first rollover the cover then goin down the ground by the automatic system.The merit of this cover lift is space, it doesn`t need more space,you can have more space for your garden.

Automatic cover lifter system.
Mechanical structures with gears and connecting rod, simple and reliable, occupies a small area.
It will be appropriate for pools less than 6.0 meters.

This simple cover lift is a good choice for you. It consists of two type U simple composition. Easy and labor-saving for the operation principle, make you lift the cover quickly and effortlessly to enjoy the spa. Its concise and strong styles did not occupy lots of space, even the small garden, it also can be installed. Accurate installation and design size, make it no contact with the skirt plate, acrylic shell directly and no damage to the skirt plate, acrylic. The round U tube, without sharp points, more safer. JNJSPAS provides you with a simple, safe, reliable, convenient cover lift. It is suitable for the built-in swimming pools within 4.5 meters.

When your swim spa which will be placed semi-ground is less than 5 meters, and you are worrying how to move the heavy swim spa covers, you may have a look at this cover lifter. It is simple principle design, easy to operate, less maintenance and less space needed.
The base plate of this device will be fixed well on stainless steel frame of swim spa, no cabinet damage. You just need to screw this U lifter on the ready base plate. With the advantage of this unit, you could move the heavy cover without much effort and enjoy the swim spa at any time.

it is easy to handle, even female can operate with no sweat ,once you fit it in your yard, no more trouble for cleaning pool or spa. meanwhile it functions as a warm keeper, the cover is equipped with R10 insulation. With the cover, even in bitter winter, the spa wouldn't miss a little bit heat, you can enjoy the massage in spa any time you want.
The most appealing design for this cover is no matter what size the spa is ,the cover can be fit, it's only about the quantity of the unit of the cover
We are J&J, we supply you perfect solution of spa cover

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